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TIP # 1

ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the calendar to see what is happening before scheduling your next events.  Consider the season, playoffs, Super Bowl, Christmas, Graduation season and other activities that might impact the attendance of your affair.

So Yummie!

You see it, a scrumptious Lamb Burger with Goat Cheese and Pickled Onion; with a side of Parmesan Truffle Fries.   Well aren't we fancy? True indeed, burgers are no longer a meat patty between to slices of bread, they have become works of art. 

Join us as we show you what appears complicated in development is very quick and easy.

Creative Director & All-Around 
"Purveyor of Good Information"

Alita "Cocoa" Carter


It is the only true direction to go in. Yesterday is too heavy to carry and it may be too costly looking back over your shoulder.  Think about it, isn't "Forward" the best way to go in most situations and circumstances.

Smile as often as possible. Find that sense of humor and let it rip.  

Let's be clear, life happens and people move on, ahead and upward.  We don't have enough hours in the day and we have a million unfinished ideas and dreams....nevertheless,